5 Reasons to Custom design your hoodie

Your hoodie is an enduring part of attire during the colder seasons. In some places it's a year-long go-to in the wardrobe. Spice your winter up with custom designs of your own creation. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination. A custom hoodie is an ideal present for your group of friends, it's the missing piece to complete your look, wearable to commemorate special occasions or a symbol to support your favorite local clubs or sports teams.

Friends Love Gifts

A customized gift means a lot. It indicates the bond that only friends can understand. A customized hoodie, it lets your friend see that you cherish their friendship. It could be an inside joke, a shared memory, or a secret amongst you.

Match Your Style

Are your clothes mismatched? Don’t let one article of unmatched gear throw off your whole outfit! No one appreciates your swag better than you, so it makes sense to have custom designed hoodies that work perfectly with your style. A well-designed hoodie will express your creativity and personality, causing passerby's to stop and pay attention. By customizing you are creating a statement pieces that say more about you than words ever could.

A Memento For Life

Customize your hoodie to immortalize a once in a lifetime memory. This could be reunions, specific gatherings, a trip to an exclusive location, or life occurrences. These types of hoodies tell a story, every time you display them. They often stay with you for countless years as the memories last a lifetime.

Got a significant event coming up?

Customized hoodies help create uniformity among a group of individuals. Giving them commonality associated with their organization or grouping. It likewise generates an impressive parting gift as appreciation for attending the event. On top of being a gift, it makes an excellent prize during raffles, an item sold on-site or devoted to rare individuals as a reward.  Another benefit is long after the event, the hoodie becomes an ongoing advertisement whenever an attendee wears it.

Are you part of a club or sports team?

Show your loyalty and pride for your favorite club or sports team, by crafting a hoodie with their logos or mottos. If you're in a club or team at your school or university, you can even inquire with the management regarding sponsored wear that they would pay for on your behalf. This will save you money vs buying from the local campus store or paying to have something customized out of pocket.

Ready to customize?

Creating your ideal hoodie doesn’t have to be an inconvenience, sites like r5designs.ca offer on-site applications which allow the process to be flexible and seamless. If you’re not a designer or just don’t have the time, it’s easy to have a design made for you. If you order a design through a professional organization like r5, it is stress-free, smooth, and delivered right to your door. Don’t wait any longer to get that perfect gift for your friend, finish your lacking wardrobe, create that lasting memory, prepare for your next event, or show pride for your favorite club!

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