Do you need custom gift ideas for the holidays? They add that personal touch that makes the gift and the thought of giving more meaningful. That’s one of the many reasons why people are opting for them this year.

Why Get Custom Holiday Gifts

Mass produced items don’t carry the same value even though some of them are pricier. Other than the cost of the gift itself, the giver of the gift invested time, intent, care, and effort which are things that can’t exactly be given a price tag.

Other than building stronger connections, custom holiday gifts also work for everyone. You can give personalized holiday gifts to your kids, friends, spouse, and even your boss.

Personalized gifts are also a message. You can wish people well them; tell how much you love them, and anything you can think of.

It ultimately reveals what you think about the recipient. That makes this type of holiday gift something truly unique and special.

How to Choose Custom Gifts for the Holidays

Personalized gifts are more than just jazzed up items that you give away. There are factors that you have to consider when selecting a gift even if it is personalized.

They include the following:

  • Personality of the receivers
  • Their preferences, hobbies, and interests
  • The age of the receiver
  • The cost of the gift—note that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be valuable
  • Their favorite things
  • Utility—the item should be something that they can use albeit every day
  • The recipient’s cultural background
  • The customization should add value to the item
  • The item itself should have some form of significance to the recipient (e.g. brings back happy memories)

Keep these things in mind when going through gift suggestions.

Unique Holiday Gifts 2019

What are the best gifts for the coming holidays? Keeping the guidelines above in mind, here are some of our best suggestions. We have also placed them in different categories too:



Clothes are always a good idea. You’re not just giving a custom gift you’re keeping them warm during these cold months. Hoodies, sweatshirts t-shirts, short and long sleeve tees, tank tops, vests, and even sportswear can be jazzed up and personalized.


Bags can be functional gifts. With custom prints or embroidery you can add a personal touch to an otherwise common looking bag. Customize cinch bags, backpacks, and even duffels.


Accessories like aprons, blankets, hats, headwear, and beanies are the usual giveaways during Christmas and the holidays. However, you can order them custom made with designs especially made for the person you’re giving it to. Coasters made from old vinyl records, accessorized protective cases (for mobile devices), mugs, calendars, microfiber hair towels, and even a reusable shopping bag can be given distinctive marks and designs that reflect the personality of the recipient.

Do you have a holiday gift that you want to personalize? We may just have a suggestion that will work just for you. Give us a call today!.

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